A Powerful Step Forward

Gulf Power has joined the Florida Power & Light family. Together, we’re delivering an enhanced level of service, while building toward a bigger and better tomorrow. It’s how we’re taking a powerful step forward for you.

Enhanced Reliability
As we connect to America's most intelligent grid, we're making our energy grid even smarter and more reliable.
Harnessing the Sun
We’re installing millions of new solar panels, providing renewable energy that protects the beauty of our communities.
Cleaner Energy
By converting our coal power plants to U.S.-produced natural gas, we’ll generate cleaner energy, while keeping costs down.

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A stronger, smarter energy grid
Gulf Power is installing more than 5,000 smart grid devices across Northwest Florida to monitor and respond to potential issues before they affect homes & businesses. We're also strengthening the grid by changing wooden poles to concrete or steel, upgrading equipment and more.
Building more solar
Gulf Power's Blue Indigo Solar Energy Center will begin serving customers early next year with about 300,000 solar panels, and we're working on plans for more. Our solar energy centers will create hundreds of construction jobs and bring additional tax revenue and other benefits for our communities.
Cleaner energy sources
Gulf Power is concerting Plant Crist to be able to run entirely on cleaner, U.S.-produced natural gas, which will significantly lower emissions and reduce costs. We're also modernizing our power plants to be more efficient and use less fuel.

Get to know Florida Power & Light Company

A History of Firsts
Since 1925, FPL has grown to become a leader in clean, reliable, affordable energy. Investments in technology, have led to a service reliability that’s increased by 32% over the last decade — all while keeping bills among the lowest in the nation, about 30% below the national average.
America's Most Intelligent Grid
FPL is a technology company that delivers electricity. By using innovative technology, FPL can prevent and predict outages before our customers are impacted. And, when outages do occur, power can be restored faster than ever thanks to the more than 120,000 smart devices on the grid.
Delivering Clean, Solar Energy
FPL is Florida’s largest generator of solar power with 18 solar power plants, including 4 new plants added this year alone. FPL is committed to continuing its legacy of clean energy — expanding its solar capacity by installing 30 million solar panels by 2030.