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For just $9.95 a month, our Basic Plus plan gives qualifying Gulf Power customers surge protection of major home appliances from power surges through your electric meter. The plan also comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty per major home appliance like washer, dryer and refrigerator — up to $5,000 of protection per item per occurrence.

Note that electronics are not covered by this program. Need to submit a claim?

I want to: Do you own a single family home? My electric meter is accessible/outside?

I have read and accept the Program Agreement and Warranty Covered Items

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If you have experienced power surge damage due to the failure of the surge protector to properly perform, the steps below will walk you through the claim process.

Follow these steps to start your claim:

  1. Go outside to the meter and check if the indicator light(s) are on or off on your surge protection device. You will need to indicate this on your claim form. Find out where the indicator lights are on your device.

  2. Contact the licensed service technician of your choice to diagnose the cause of the damage and repair the damaged appliance. Be sure to get a written estimate or receipt. Also, your repair licensed service technician needs to complete and sign the Service Provider Certification of Cause of Damage form. This form needs to be returned to us together with your completed claim form.

  3. Complete all required information on the form. All forms, including the Service Provider Certification form, receipts and estimates must be returned to Gulf Power within 30 days of the incident to be considered. You can choose to mail, fax, or email your information.

If there are questions, you will be contacted within 1 week after the evaluation. In some cases, Gulf Power will send a technician to your home to remove the device for lab testing. If the device is removed, our technician will replace it with another device.

Gulf Power generally settles claims within 4 weeks of a completed claim and mails a check for the covered amount at such time. If you have questions regarding the status of your claim, call (833) 919-0945.


Claim form Device Guide

If you are currently enrolled in the Premium Surge legacy surge protection program, follow the above instructions and return claim form within 14 days using the Premium Surge Claim form.