A more energy efficient pool

We love our swimming pools, and the entertainment they provide. However, if you have a swimming pool, chances are you have a higher-than-average energy bill. Your pool’s pump and heater can use a significant amount of energy. Let us help you create a high efficiency pool with smart equipment and habits.

Need help and advice for heating your pool? Talk to your pool dealer, or call one of our Energy Experts at (877) 655-4001.

Take control and save even more

Enrolling in our Energy Select program is another smart strategy for keeping your pool operating costs as low as possible.

Energy Select puts the power of energy savings in your hands. With a free programmable thermostat installed in your home, you can set your central cooling and heating system, electric water heater and pool pump to run only when needed. You can also control the entire system through any laptop or smart device, home or away.

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Small adjustments can create big savings. Other ideas for making your pool more efficient include:

  • Reduce the filtration time to 6 hours per day. If the water doesn’t appear clean, increase the time in half-hour increments until it does.
  • Install a timer to control the pump’s cycling. If debris is a problem, use a timer that can activate the pump for many short periods each day.


For more advice, ask your pool dealer or call our Energy Experts at (877) 655-4001.

Residential Testimonial

"Since I started using Energy Select, not only is my energy use under my complete control, but I'm saving literally hundreds of dollars a year."

    - David Hudson, Homeowner