With our constant focus on providing the right blend of energy efficiency programs for customers, we are rolling out some changes in November. While new energy efficiency incentive programs will be offered, this program is ending Nov. 1. If you are currently participating in this program, please complete and submit your application before Nov. 30.

Making the most of your heating and cooling


Up to half of your home’s energy bill can be spent on the A/C working to keep your home comfortable. Don’t let hot Florida summers take a toll on your power bill — have your HVAC system checked out to ensure it’s running as efficiently as possible.

Contact a CheckMe!® Plus contractor to conduct a comprehensive system assessment and give you a detailed evaluation and recommendations. You may also qualify for rebates up to $100 for repairs to optimize your HVAC system. Check Eligibility

Find a contractor and schedule your assessment

Scheduling a comprehensive system assessment with a CheckMe!® Plus contractor may qualify you for rebates to make your HVAC system more efficient. The assessment can lead to a more efficient HVAC system, and monthly savings on your energy bill.

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If your existing system is more than five years old and possibly in need of replacement, or if you seldom service it, you can benefit from an assessment. Depending on the current condition, benefits may include:

  • Improve the efficiency of your AC equipment up to 20%
  • Reduce your cooling costs up to 50%
  • Reduce the cost of upgrading to a new system

Eligibility requirements

  • $100 maintenance rebate requires a system assessment through our CheckMe!® Plus program.
  • Incentive amounts, program rules, and regulations are subject to change.
  • In the event that incentive amounts change, the purchase date of the product or equipment will be used to determine the incentive amount.
  • Offer is available to Gulf Power residential customers in single-family and multi-family residences.
  • All services must be provided by a CheckMe!® Plus Certified Technician of a Participating Contractor and must be completed during the effective dates of the program; certified technician will determine if repairs qualify for rebates after assessment.
  • Only central A/C or heat pump systems are eligible for the program; window or portable air conditioners do not qualify for incentives or tune-ups.
  • Neither the payment of an incentive, nor any inspection by Gulf Power shall be deemed as guaranty or warranty.
  • Check with your participating CheckMe!® Plus Contractor for additional or updated requirements.
  • The incentive for qualifying HVAC maintenance is limited to a maximum of $100 per HVAC system and will be paid as a line-item discount on the customer's invoice for services provided by a qualified participating contractor.
  • EarthCents incentives are offered on a limited basis, and may vary based on date of purchase and installation. Gulf Power reserves the right to temporarily suspend this program.