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Residential Programs & Resources

Making your home more energy efficient can help lower your bill

Ceiling Insulation

Make sure your insulation, envelope and ducts are keeping the heat and air in, to help you save. Our $300 insulation incentive can help.

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Energy Checkup

Get a free analysis of your home's energy use, with custom recommendations to help you save energy and money.

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Energy Select

Put the power of savings in your hands. With our unique home energy management program, you can pay a lower electricity price 87% of the time.

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Heating and Cooling

Want to keep your home cool for less? Learn about types of heat pump systems, servicing your HVAC and see if you qualify for a $250 incentive.

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Home Repair Plans

HomeServe offers electrical and water line repair plans that can help protect you from the costs of repairs and keep your life moving.

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Outdoor Lighting

Increase the beauty and safety of your home with our outdoor lighting options. We can even take care of the installation and maintenance for you.

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Pool Pumps

Learn how high efficiency systems can help you enjoy your pool and savings on your energy bill. You may even qualify for a $250 incentive.

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Smart Energy

We have installed smart meters to help you better manage your energy, and to help us more quickly identify and respond to outages.

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Find out why solar is a great complement to your electric service and discover the solutions we offer to customers who are interested in renewable energy.

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Surge Protection

Don't let power surges damage your valuable appliances and electronics. We offer surge protection for your home.

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Additional Resources

Energy Star

Find qualifying products and learn more about home energy performance.

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Home Efficiency 101

Get all the details from our free energy library.

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Learn about energy efficiency and renewable energy.

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Energy Savers Guide

Find more ways to save money and energy at home.

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