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Health and Safety Services

If you or someone you know requires electricity for life-saving equipment or is elderly and alone, please let us know. We have services to help keep you and those you love healthy and safe.

Medically Essential Service

Do you have special medical equipment at home? Let us know. Our Medically Essential Service can help you or someone you love who is dependent on electric-powered medical equipment. This service provides extra services, like pre-notifications before a major hurricane. However, it does not guarantee service nor provide an exemption from paying electric bills.


When appropriate, this service can help you with:

  • Referrals to social-service agencies that provide financial assistance
  • Special notices before electrical service is disconnected for non-payment
  • Special notices before and after a hurricane

Your Responsibility

If you’re eligible for this service, you may be provided extra time to secure funds or make other arrangements to help ensure your electricity-dependent medical needs are met. However, this does not guarantee uninterrupted service nor provide an exemption from paying electric bills. You will still be responsible for backup equipment and power supply in the event of power outages.

Who is Eligible?

Any residential customer whose electric service is medically essential is eligible to join if that medical condition has been certified by a physician licensed to practice in the state of Florida. Electric service is considered essential if you’re dependent on electric-powered equipment as specified by a physician to avoid:

  • Loss of life
  • Serious medical complications requiring immediate hospitalization

How to Apply

To join this service, you will need to:

  1. Complete Part A on the Medically Essential Service application form
  2. Have your physician complete Part B, “Physician’s Certificate”
  3. Return the completed and signed form to Gulf Power at the address below or you can email it to Forms@NextEraEnergy.com

    Gulf Power Company
    1 Energy Place
    BIN 0031
    Pensacola, FL 32520

  4. Re-apply each year with a new, completed Medically Essential Service form

Additional Information