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Solar Energy Centers

Working together to bring more solar energy to the Sunshine State

Our goal is to make Northwest Florida a leader in clean, solar energy that keeps costs down for our customers and keeps our region beautiful. Being part of the Florida Power & Light Family is one way we’re doing that. Working together, we will get there faster, with a plan to install 30 million solar panels throughout all of Florida by 2030.

Both part of the NextEra Energy family, we’re pooling our efforts, sharing best practices, resources and technology to continue to work to bring more solar to the Sunshine State while keeping costs low for customers. Our plan is to draw on the solar energy progress Gulf Power and FPL have both made to continue to position Florida as a leader in solar.

After all, this is OUR home. And we are committed to continue bringing you our best. Together, we’re taking a powerful step forward.

Solar Energy Center characteristics

Good neighbor

Large-scale solar energy centers are well suited as community neighbors:

  • During operation, solar centers create no dust, pollution or other effects that would adversely impact an adjacent community or farm.
  • The panels are supported by small steel posts that require no concrete and have no impact on the productivity of the soil.
  • A solar center does not require staff to operate so it does not bring additional traffic to the area.


Our solar energy centers are an ideal fit for the communities where they are often built:

  • They generate emissions-free energy from the sun.
  • They boost tax revenue.
  • They create jobs during the construction phase.
Gulf Power Solar Energy Center characteristics

How large-scale solar works

As sunlight hits the solar panels, the energy from the sun is converted into direct current (DC) electricity before it flows into power inverters where it is converted into alternating current (AC).

The zero-emissions electricity travels through transformers and the voltage is boosted for delivery onto the electric grid for delivery to homes and businesses.

illustration of how large-scale solar works