A project for a growing North Florida

The North Florida Resiliency Connection will enhance the reliability and resiliency of electric service in good weather and bad for customers.

Permits have been filed with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the Army Corps of Engineers and other government agencies. Once the permits are approved, construction is expected to begin in late 2020. The project will be completed safely and respectfully and adhere to all regulations.

The identified route is primarily along existing utility rights-of-way, highways and local roads. Work to identify specific pole locations is ongoing to minimize the impact to property owners.

Identifying the route was based on a variety of factors, including identification and consideration of alternative routes, safety and environmental considerations, costs, long range planning and sound engineering principles.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: We have started pre-construction activities in Madison, Gadsden, Columbia and Suwannee counties, which may include land clearing and tree trimming, along the transmission line route. For a project of this scale, we will also use multiple locations along the route to serve as “staging sites” for construction crews.

Pike Electric, LLC, has been awarded the construction contract and you may see them, or subcontractors performing work on their behalf, as pre-construction activities begin. Crews will be working Monday through Saturday during daylight hours and will meet all requirements of the local municipality.

Gulf Power has fully permitted all pre-construction activities.

Frequently asked questions

What is the North Florida Resiliency Connection (NFRC)?

The NFRC is a new transmission line across northern Florida that would enhance the reliability and resiliency of electric service in good weather and bad for customers. The Gulf Power transmission line would travel from Columbia County in the east to Jackson County in the west.

What benefits will the NFRC provide?

The transmission line is part of an ongoing investment to enhance electric service reliability and resiliency in North Florida. During development and construction, the project will create more than 200 jobs, and it is expected to generate more than $75 million in property tax revenue over the next 30 years.

In addition, the transmission line will enhance the electrical connection between Gulf Power's system and its sister company, Florida Power & Light. This enhanced connection will provide for cleaner, reliable and lower cost energy for customers.

Will construction require homes or other structures to be acquired or removed?

The route will not require the acquisition or removal of any homes or other structures.

Where will poles be located?

Estimates of pole locations are still being finalized, but the vast majority along the route would be located just inside private property within easements along road right-of-way boundaries, as close to the property line boundary as practicable. Span lengths between poles are anticipated to range from 350 feet to 600 feet.

What will the poles look like?

transmission concrete bundled conductor

Generally, we expect the project to use single pole structures, primarily made of concrete with reinforcing steel, which has the benefit of added strength in storm events, a life of more than 50 years and minimal maintenance requirements. Poles are approximately 75-110 feet in height and about 3-4 feet in diameter. They typically are set 18-20 feet deep and are located between 350 feet and 600 feet apart. More information will be provided as design and engineering plans move forward.

What will be the impact of construction on the environment?

The NFRC project will comply with all applicable state and federal environmental regulations. There will be no impacts to groundwater quality or surface water quality. Wetland impact assessments are currently ongoing, and impacts will be minimized through route selection and construction methods.

It’s important to note that power distribution and transmission poles located throughout this region have been operating safely for decades, and Gulf Power has extensive experience installing, operating and maintaining power poles in an environmentally sound manner throughout north Florida.

The NFRC project will not cause impacts with regard to spring zones, karst features or sinkholes. During construction, Gulf Power will complete soil borings to ensure that specific ground locations are appropriate for the installation of a transmission pole. If we find unexpected conditions, pole placement would be adjusted to a location that is appropriate.

What is the timeline?

Gulf Power continues to expect that construction will begin in late 2020 once permits are approved. Gulf Power continues to evaluate construction duration based on balancing several key factors to determine the optimal execution timeline.

Where can citizens learn more?

Questions about the NFRC can be directed to our project phone line at (850) 872-3232, or via email at NFRC@NextEraEnergy.com.

Stay connected

Gulf Power is committed to sharing information and maintaining an open dialogue with customers, public officials, the local community and interested stakeholders throughout the development process. Feel free to contact us at (850) 872-3232 or NFRC@NextEraEnergy.com.