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Payment Arrangement

We’re here to help: We know this is a difficult and unsettling time. We have a long history of working with our customers during difficult times and we will continue to do so. For customers experiencing hardship as a result of COVID-19, we have resources available to help. We have also implemented the same policies that we do during major crisis events and are suspending electrical disconnections and providing payment extensions for customers in a hardship situation, which will remain in effect while Florida is under a state of emergency.

Customers are encouraged to pay their electric bill balance each month to avoid building up a large balance, which they will continue to bear responsibility for. However, if you are having difficulty paying your monthly bill, we encourage you to view available resources online at GulfPower.com/help or contact us directly at (800) 225-5797. We will work with your personal situation and come up with a solution to ensure that you can fulfill your personal responsibility for your Gulf Power balance.

Sometimes customers need a little more time to pay their electric bills. We try to be as flexible as possible. Our online payment arrangement offers qualifying customers the chance to temporarily extend the due date of their bills.

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Determining eligibility for a payment arrangement

We consider several factors before granting a payment arrangement. These include:

  • The customer's payment history
  • Length of time as a Gulf Power customer
  • Past-due amount
  • Age of past-due amount
  • Timeliness of prior payments

If you need a payment arrangement, here's how it works

We will review the status of your Gulf Power account to determine if a temporary payment arrangement can be granted. If your account is eligible, we will offer you an extended date to pay your bill.

Final notice

Even if a payment arrangement has been granted, you may receive a final notice reminding you to pay your past-due bill. Please be aware that if payment is not received by the arrangement date indicated, your payment arrangement will default and your power may be shut off. We disconnect service only as a last resort and would like to avoid having to take this step.


If a payment arrangement is granted for your account, you will receive an immediate online confirmation and an email will be sent the next business day.

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