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Choose Safety, Efficiency and Economy with an Electric Water Heater.

Did you know that your home's second largest energy user is the hot water heater? Take control of your energy use by choosing an electric water heater and see how economical and efficient it can be.

With an electric water heater, there is no pilot light to worry about, no fumes from gas or carbon monoxide, and no ventilation problems. An electric water heater is low maintenance and has a long life expectancy. It's also economical. A family of four can have all the hot water they need for about $30 per month.

Now, when you switch your expensive gas water heater for an electric one, you can get a free water heater from Gulf Power. Plus, your new electric water heater is more efficient and gives you a nice hot bath faster. To find out more, call toll-free 1-877-655-4001.