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Manage your programming from anywhere you can access the internet!

"The online programming feature is very useful, very valuable. I can see the usage and what's going on day by day in each of my properties, without being there."

Marijane Waldschmidt, Energy Select Customer since 2012, owner of rental properties, all on the Energy Select program.

When you want to save money, conserve energy and maintain your lifestyle, it's comforting to know you have Energy Select.

The fourth element of Energy Select is the Web portal for online programming. This user-friendly interface allows you to program your thermostat and appliances via the Internet and provides an alternative to programming your thermostat at the device. Using the Energy Select Web portal, you can execute all of the programming functions that you can perform directly from the thermostat and more, including presetting your thermostat, electric water heater and pool pump for future needs when you are away from home.

Another convenient feature of the Energy Select Web portal is the ability to program your thermostat from any location via laptop, computer, or other smart device, wherever you have access to the Internet. The operation of the thermostat has progressed to the Internet for easier use and functionality, so that wherever you are - home, work or play- you will have control.

And if you're away from your home and your computer, you can use your Smartphone to login to our mobile site, giving you access to some of the most utilized programming functions, like making changes to your system mode and setting permanent holds on your cooling and heating system, electric water heater and pool pump.

So many choices, so many ways to save!