• 10 Years Later

    Memories of Hurricane Ivan



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    Stay alert. Stay informed.

    And stay safe this hurricane season.

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    Stay comfortable

    Heat pumps help control your home's
    comfort and your cooling costs

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    a checkup

    Take our free, online Energy Checkup
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    Minimize Costs, Maximize Control With Energy Select

    Get a programmable thermostat installed for free, and lower the price you pay for electricity 87% of the time.

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    Learn how to save money and energy, either at your home or business with our EarthCents programs and incentives.

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Make Your Home an EarthCents Home

Compared to a typical home, the EarthCents Home can save up to 40% on your energy expenses.

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Energy Checkup

Use our online tools to understand your energy use, or book an on-site analysis.

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